Make Mud Press Chapette Book

Something lovely arrived in the post last week. A small chappette book made by the amazing artist Jessica Jane Charleston who runs an independent letterpress publishing house called Make Mud Press.

Jessica first got in touch with me at the tail end of last year asking me if I’d be interested in collaborating¬†with her on a small series of chapbooks she was planning to make. Jessica has made six chappette books over six months with six different women writers she admires, one of whom is me! She’s made six beautiful books, each including one of her own linocuts, in limited editions of only 50 each and I’m so happy to have been a part of this unique and beautiful project.

I sent some poems over to Jessica from a series I’d been working on following two women, who were friends at school, over the course of their, very different, lives.

The poem that Jessica chose was a sonnet I’d written whilst I was away in Spain called ‘Eight months pregnant and Shitting it.’

We’re going to be celebrating the birth of these completely beautiful books on the 6th of June at Caravanserail bookshop in Shoreditch. There’ll be readings from the writers and wine and nibbles and an opportunity to buy the books. It’ll be great.

Saboteur Awards Shortlisting!

So hurrah, hooray! I’ve found myself on the Saboteur Awards Shortlist for Best Spoken Word Show again. Above the Mealy-Mouthed Sea has been such a journey!

If you’ve seen the show and you enjoyed it. I’d be so grateful if you could vote for it here.

Voting closes soon on the 9th of May.

Thank you!