Hello again!

Given that I haven’t written a blog post for almost a year, there’s unsurprisingly a lot for me to catch you up on! The blog slides when I’m busy and wow, I’ve been very busy! It’s all good though. Business is booming!

First of all to say I’m going to try a new approach to the blog, blogging shorter things more frequently. A friend of mine suggested this and I think he’s right. So although I’ve got an awful lot to say, I’m going to keep this one short and all about Rear View.

The Rear View bus is going to rev itself up again as the IOU team heads off on tour in 2018 to…

Halifax (April), Brighton (May), Stockton on Tees (August), Coventry (September) and Grantham (also September).

It’s been ludicrously wonderful working on this show. I’ve sat on the bus and watched the alternative version written and performed by Cecilia Knapp and it’s amazing. It’s cinematic. Along with the soundscape it feels as if you’re seeing the world in one long tracking shot and it’s unclear whether what’s going on in the streets is happening anyway or has been choreographed especially for you. The show explores memory, music, a sense of place and loss and there are two versions, one written and performed by Cecilia and one written and performed by me. I’m particularly excited to be touring to Halifax as I grew up there and so I think that the memories that the character recalls will sit especially beautifully there.

I’m so proud of this show and I can guarantee it’ll be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. If you can make it along to a show this year, I strongly advise that you do!

And working with the team at IOU is great! It’s really fun being on tour with so many people, there are ten of us on the team that makes the show run. It’s a real joint effort. And it makes a nice change from touring solo (more of that in the next piece. I’ve not done a single post on my big project  Above the Mealy-Mouthed Sea  which has just finished, but there’s so much to say!)

Anyway, until next time which will (hopefully!) be much, much sooner.