Where text and dance meet…

A couple of weeks ago, I worked for a week alongside amazing choreographer Tara D’Arquian, incredible dancers Amarnah Amuludun & Laura Doehler and magnetic Actor Hannah Ringham. Nemesis (working title) is a project let by Tara which aims to explore ideas including inner daemons, madness and heterotopia taking some inspiration from the writings of Borges.

It was an amazing process. We wanted to reach a place where we developed movement and text simultaneously, to get to the point where the audience may not know whether the movement inspired the text or the text inspired the movement, where both forms were supporting each other.

We also worked with a small group of women aged 60+. Their role was to sit in the audience as an ‘extended cast’ and to sing and move and speak with material we created together through creative writing workshops.

We’re extremely grateful to Arts Council England, Trinity Laban and Greenwich and Lewisham Young People’s Theatre for supporting this short period of research and development, both Tara and I are really excited to keep on experimenting with how our two practices can intersect and expand each other’s possibilities.

Here’s a video of the sharing at the end of our two weeks of research:


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