Songs from Melody Playlist!

Hello! I’ve been asked to make a playlist featuring all the songs that feature (however briefly) in Melody. 

I’ve put this together mainly as a resource for people who have seen the show and want to place/remember certain songs. Songs are in the order they appear in the show. Songs from the show that do not appear on this list are my own, if you want to hear them again then do get in touch.

WARNING: Some of the songs are in there deliberately to be shit. Do not try to impress your date with this list!

Note: The original version of Bob Dylan’s Spanish Harlem Incident seems to have been removed from YouTube, so I’ve given you a rather nice alternate take instead.

And yes, I did try making this playlist on Spotify first but there’s no Newsom on there because the ever-eloquent Joanna says Spotify “is like a villainous cabal of major labels. The business is built from the ground up as a way to circumvent the idea of paying their artists.” Her work is so important to me and the show, I could face not having here in the list,  so YouTube it is.