January (part one)

I got straight back into it on January 6th when I was asked to appear on Soho Radio’s The Dojo with Chris Redmond – it was a lovely little studio and I had an ace time there. I’m still getting used to being interviewed,

Tounge Fu

with Chris Redmond on Soho Radio

feels bit strange just having a chat but knowing it’s going out live and that people are listening. I spent the whole time trying not to swear but then said ‘shit.’ Shit. But I got to play a couple of tracks I really like and perform a couple of recently written poems. It’s on mixcloud ‘for all eternity’ as Chris put it, so if you want to have a listen you can do so here.

Next it was up to Birmingham to perform in the Rep as part of Level-up: Season IV, an incredible and inspiring event run for young people by young people. It was an amazing night and I saw honestly some of the best open-mics I’ve ever seen! Really, really high quality… Birmingham is a city with a fuck-tonne of budding poetry talent it seems. I was honoured to join the line up.

Green Social

Performing at the Green Party’s South London Social

Later that week, a friend asked me to perform at the Green Party’s South London Social where I heard Rashid Nix and Sian Berry (Green mayoral candidate) speak. There are some characteristically logical and fair policies coming out of the Green Party for a better London and it was fascinating to hear some of them that night.  A particular favourite that struck is flat fares across the city, basically a abolition of the zone system: no more penalties for living outside of the city centre as, of course, more and more people on lower incomes are.

The very next day I hopped on a 4 hour coach to Leeds and then across to my beautiful home town of Hebden Bridge that was badly battered and bruised by the floods around Christmas-time. I’d had about half an hour’s sleep so it wasn’t the best journey… But what a night when I got there! There were fantastic bands, delicious food and friendliness which is all you should ever hope for I reckon. After much Flood relieftrying to stay awake, I performed my set. The night was at The Trades Club which is a fantastic venue, well worth a visit. I was pretty worried because there’d already been so much dancing and lively music, I wasn’t sure how well the audience would react to poetry. I was also standing in for the popular and amazing Captain Hotknives (have a listen!) who had a sore throat. It was really great though, seemed to go down a treat! Hebden Bridge have done an amazing job bouncing back and supporting each other through the devastating floods. I’ve started to write a poem about it…

There seemed to be so much going on in the first three weeks I thought I’d do a blog post now – but more is always happening, so more soon! I’m also going to start briefly rounding up and recommending books I’ve read etc so watch this space…

Chin up!

Love, Mim



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